COVID 19 Updates

April 2, 2020

I hope you are all taking care of yourself and spending time virtually with those you care about.

From this point forward, pertinent course specific information will be in Google Classroom.  Try to get in the habit of checking into Google Classroom Monday – Friday for daily updates on your courses.

Parents, if you would like to be part of this, I am happy to invite you as a guardian once your student has joined the classroom.  Just send me a quick email at with your info, your student and the class they have joined.

Mr. Lilyholm


March 31, 2020

We are going to transition from this web site to Google Classroom for the remainder of the course.  Please use your sd61learn account to login to your class.  If you do not have an account, follow the instructions here to get started.

Science 10 – Block C  code:  ri5c2vi

Science 10 – Block D  code:dckdopu


Mr. Lilyholm


March 30, 2020

Well we were to be back in school today and obviously that is not happening.  Updates as to the direction for the rest of the school year will be coming out very soon.  Please check your email regularly as well as check back to this web site for information.

This will be a transition for all of us, so I am assuming there will be a few bumps in the road ahead but my goal is to make sure all students are prepared for their next level of education, wherever that may be.

Mr. Lilyholm

March 27, 2020

As you are well aware, the outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in a number of changes to all aspects of society including school.  What the rest of this year will look like has not been determined at this point.

Please follow the advice of all public health officials and check the school district web site for school updates.

Be safe and wash your hands!

Mr.  Lilyholm