Test Rewrite Material

Rewrites are possible but they are not free though.  In order to rewrite…

You must complete all your corrections from the original chapter test, on a separate sheet of paper.

You must hand in all the assigned homework questions for the unit.

You must also complete additional practice questions before you can rewrite.  The rewrite questions are listed below

You must arrange a time outside of class time to rewrite within two weeks of the test being returned.  This time must work for both you and your teacher.  

Be careful though….if you rewrite, this is your grade.  It is not the better of the two, the rewrite grade is your grade!

Chapter 1 Retest Questions

Chapter 2 Retest Questions

Chapter 3 Retest Questions

Chapter 4 Retest Questions

Chapter 5 RetestQuestions

Chapter 6 Retest Questions

Chapter 7 Rewrite Questions